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Friday, March 1, 2019

Top Five Free SEO Web Applications 2019 | Free Ahrefs

Top Five Free SEO Web Applications 2019 | Free Ahrefs

Free SEO Tool 2019

Which are the best SEO software? 

 Top Five Free SEO Web Applications 2019 | Free Ahrefs.Top Five Free SEO Web Applications 2019 | Free Ahrefs Hello friends, remains in the website ranking due to the search engine optimization process. But SEO changes coming from time to time and due to this our website has both positive and negetive effects. Sometimes it happens that website traffic gets down and backlinks start to lose.What is the problem in the website and what is SEO Status in the current time? To get information about all this, we need a - Search engine optimization software tool that can easily audit On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO and provide us with the right information as quickly as possible. Here we have told about some of the popular Free SEO Software tools, which very few people have information about.

List of Top Five Free SEO Tools 2019:

In order to make Fast and Smart SEO and to improve the website's Organic Traffic, we have to write a better, unique content and have to promote them. What is the User response on the content site we are publishing with it? Whether or not content is being indexed and how people are engage in - we have two best and Free Search Engine web services applications to understand all these major site activity.
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
Everyone knows about these two tools and it is from the basic steps of the blogging setup. So we will talk about these two and the best 5 search engine optimization tools here.

1 Ahrefs Backlink Checker

The name of Link Building comes as soon as the SEO field, so the name of the best and most popular application Ahrefs is essential for this. Here are the top backlink audit of today's time, real-time keyword tracker and website audit web application.
This is a paid tool, and for that we have to pay $ 99 / month to $ 999 / month if we have to do Comprehensive backlink analysis. But Ahrefs has given a free feature in this tool for basic information about the site - by name Ahrefs link checker,
This allows us to access any site,
  • Find out about top 100 backlinks.
  • You can learn about Total Number Of Backlink.
  • Can know about Domain Rating.
  • Find out about Total Number of Referring Domains.
free ahrefs link checker

2 Google Trends Tool :

Google does not need to tell you about this tool is absolutely free and maybe you all have used it but maybe never with SEO purpose,
It provides information about all the latest updates that are running on the Internet and can tell us Google trends related to a keyword, any topic related to it. That ..
What has been the trend of that keyword or topic from the last 12 months on the internet - like I checked the SEO term here? So I got to see his last 12 month search flow something like this.
google trends
Not only will the search flow be known to us that the search term is in trending on which location and what keyword related to it is at the top on the internet.
search queries
With Google Trends, we can check out many more content marketing strategies. As we compare each of the two terms, we can find out which term is more popular on the internet.

LinkMiner 3:

Broken (404) links to the website is the most harmful and because of this the user experience is bad. That's why Google search engine puts the website behind everybody in the ranking, which is found in Broken Link. In this way, we have to keep our site in rank.
All they need to fix by knowing the Broken link and manually searching them is a challenge in itself. But LinkMiner is a search engine tool that can tell us by identifying all the broken links on the website in one minute.
broken link

4 Copyscape :

Google has a problem with the most publisher who publishes the copy of the original content of any other publisher on their site. Copyscape is the most different in the list of Five Free SEO application because here we find that there is no duplicate content on the website.
By using this tool, we can check the contents of the direct site URL and if it has a paragraph that is already published on another website, you can fix it.

5 Moz Local Listing Score :

If you are an SEO service provider or a blogger, you will know about the benefits of the Local Business listing. Moz local business listing checker - tells about the local popularity of any website and business.
It checks out about 10 local listing sites and states that our business is said-added and how popular it is.
Moz local business

Free SEO Sofware: Pros & Cons

The most important thing about any Paid or Free SEO tool - There are many types of search engine optimization tools available on the Internet and none is best in every single field. Each tool has its own best specification.
If you leave Google Trends in Top Five Free SEO Tools, all of them are Paid and here's their free version. In such a case it is clear that using any application will not give us complete information. for example…
With free Ahrefs tool, we can know website backlink but if only 100 links, if we need information about more links, then we have to use paid version and this is its biggest cons. We can use it without any credit card add free, this is its pros.
Likewise, the rest of all these applications are - we can use them freely. This is a good prospect for us and we can not get complete information from them, this is the biggest cons to us.

Friends, only a few people know about these Best Five Free SEO Web Applications, while one of the most fun-based search engine software tools for us. You can use them all and share them with your valuable feedback commnet.

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